At AudentiaGuild, we believe in the priority of meticulous, precise Craft over the frivolous, fickle Art. For every piece, a strict creative process is followed.

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Visualization comes first. After gathering the client’s suggestions, inspirations, desired themes, a concept is drawn to ensure that the vision is accurately realized – and ready to be pounded into cold steel.

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The craftsman’s eye is drawn to those minute ornaments and in turn guides the hand. Early definition of the theme results in a consistency that spans all the levels of the created piece.

Bez nazwy-3Composition is an art unto itself, and rhythm is its ancient key to creating a sense of intricacy within the piece. This technique employs harmonic patterns that had been used by artisans and architects for millenia.

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Our experience at making armour for historical reenactment ensures that these over-the-top fantasy creations are comfortable for the end user and durable enough for stage combat. The balance is established at the early design stage, to match the client’s desired function and form.

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Not just a fan service; allows us to review the pieces on-screen and receive feedback from the client. This also works towards further improving our skills and capabilities.

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